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Top 8 MMA Fights So Far 2021

MMA fans have been treated to some of the best fights in history over the last few years.

In fact, it's hard to believe that there are only 8 months left until 2021! 

We've compiled a list of our top 8 most anticipated MMA matches for this year so you can make sure not to miss any of them. Don't worry if you're behind on your fight knowledge - we've got you covered with quick summaries and links to watch past events. This is going to be an epic year!

UFC Fight Night 141

The ufcbet.com.au is coming back to Australia for another fight night.  This time, they'll be hosting an event at Brisbane's Yankee Stadium and it promises to deliver some high-quality Content!


This coming weekend, the UFC is set to take over a major sporting event on ESPN+. After years of establishing itself as one of MMA's most prestigious organizations with events that air exclusively digitally through Twitter (and now Disney) it will be making its way onto network television for what many believe could become an annual tradition. As far back as 2009 they had signed promotional deals worth $1 million dollars per fight which expired after last year’s championship card but before we get too excited about this new development there are several things worth noting: firstly these fights aren't going up against any other professional sports league games so if you're looking forward

A lot has changed since2009—including how people enjoy watching sports the night instead of during the day.

UFC Fight Night 142

The UFC is coming to Australia for the first time in history, and you can watch it live on Fox Sports Main Event! The card features a mouth-watering array of fights. It doesn't stop there though; this event has something special planned just for us Australians - including an appearance by none other than Mark Hunt who will be fighting behind closed doors after being denied his opportunity at glory twice already during official engagements here earlier THIS year (2018). Don’t miss any action as we celebrate local heroes go head up against global invaders undercarded exclusively.

UFC 241

The UFC is back, and this time they're going to be taking on the Japanese promotion ROAD FC. This is a huge event for not only MMA but also professional wrestling as well with Wrestle Kingdom 13 happening at some point during or after it!

A major partnership between companies has been announced too- one that will bring new opportunities in tons of different markets across North America where there had previously been none before now (such).

Bellator MMA 242 

Bellator MMA is coming back to the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on September 15th! It will be an exciting night of fights with many former champs facing off. You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event so make sure you buy your tickets now before they sell out fast because there is only a limited amount available every fight season."

Bellator MMA 243

What a fun day! It's always so much more interesting when you're there taking it all in, and I'm really glad that was my experience on Saturday. The fights were tough but exciting - what an intense final match between two warriors as well-who deserved their win (and then some). They battled hard for 15 minutes before finally coming back from down 3 points after three rounds each; one judge had them even at halftime which seemed impossible...how could they pick against these guys?! Well turns out he did just enough to give victory instead of glory because those last thirty seconds felt like five hundred years."


We hope you enjoyed the list of our top 8 MMA fights so far in 2021. There's still a lot to look forward to this year and we can't wait! Keep up with us for all your UFC coverage. Share if you liked it, leave a comment below or tweet @MMAFighting on Twitter!